Experts in drying – Tarczynski Extra Dry

December 1, 2014

Tarczynski SA, a leader in the category of kabanos sausages (GFK 2013, Household Panel), introduces a new line of products in the category of cold meats to the market.

Having strengthened their position, the manufacturer is focuses on a new category of products: cold meats, introducing new products with a new recipe under the brand: TARCZYNSKI EXTRA DRY.

The assortment will include the following new products: TARCZYNSKI PORK KRAKOWSKA EXTRA DRY and TARCZYNSKI FILLET KRAKOWSKA EXTRA DRY in three packaging types: by weight, cut diagonally, in slices.

The products are characterized by EXTRA dryness, extraordinary crispness and the highest meat content in the category – up to 148 g of meat on 100 g of the product. These features guarantee a unique taste and long expiry date of the products.

The new group of products in slices will be characterized by an innovative and functional type of packaging as a 2-pack, consisting of two portions with a comfortable function to divide the packaging.

Products sold by weight and packed products cut diagonally are the first products on the market which can be exposed outside a cooling counter.

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