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The owner of the website intends to engage the best possible practices and treat all the Users in an honest and open manner. Using the website, you agree that we can use cookies in order to ensure you with comfort while surfing our websites. No cookies used on our websites gather information which allows identification of the user.

We use Google Analytics which holds its own privacy policy: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Nowadays, practically each website uses cookies. They are small text files stored on the final device of a user. They are created by your Internet browser and they store settings and information necessary (and often essential) for appropriate functioning of an Internet website. When visiting a website using the same device, the browser can check whether there are any cookies which store important information and send it to the website being visited, which saved the cookie on your device. The website can recognize whether the user has already visited it and adjust the content to the recipient.

Advantages of cookies

Cookies make it easy for users to use previously visited websites. If a user uses the same device and browser, his or her preferences can be saved and the website can be appropriately displayed and adjusted to their individual needs. Cookies allow to make statistics which help to understand how users use a given website which make it possible to improve its structure and content. They also allow to maintain a user’s session (when logged in) so that other pages of the website do not require logging in.

Monitoring and deleting cookies

At any time a user can change the way of using cookies. The majority of browsers offer the possibility to accept or reject all cookies, accept only some kind of cookies or inform users when a website is trying to save cookies. Users can also easily delete cookies which were previously saved on a device by the browser. Possibilities to manage and delete cookies vary depending on a browser. All the necessary information can be found using the “Help” function in the browser or visiting an Internet website, where it is explained how to monitor and delete cookies in the most popular browsers. It should be remembered that blocking all the cookies can cause difficulties in functioning or make it impossible to use some functions of a website.

Which cookies are used by a browser?

A browser uses cookies which can be divided in the following manner:

  • “essential” – they make it possible to use functions available within the website, e.g. maintaining sessions when the user is logged in;
  • “functional” – files which make it possible to “remember” selected settings and influence interface personalization;
  • “security” – supporting security;
  • “effective” – files which make it possible to gather information about the manner of using a given website.

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