Company’s Mission

For over 28 years our family business has been guided by one goal – to create the best quality, extraordinary-tasting meats. With full commitment and passion, we strive to ensure that both consumers and business partners choose the Tarczyński brand without hesitation. We consistently follow our designated course.

We are already the leading producer of kabanos sausages in Poland, but we are also striving to become the leader in the segment of dry cured meats and frankfurter sausages. We continuously aim to satisfy the needs of our customers – even the most demanding ones – both in Poland and abroad. Our rich assortment of premium cured meats allows us to cater to all types of tastes: from those looking for the sophisticated flavours of kabanos sausages, to those prefering traditional Polish sausages and ripening meats, but also poultry. In 2013, Tarczyński SA debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The 45 million PLN raised as a result of the public issue allowed us to take another step forward – to expand and modernize the production plant in Ujeździec Mały, which has thus become one of the most modern meat processing plants in Europe. In addition to focusing on developing our Company – we also find the time to focus on the growth of Polish sports! We are the main co-sponsor of the Wrocław Panthers- the leading team of American football in Poland.


Manufacturing plants

Our meats are produced in three specialized plants: in Ujeździec Mały (there we mainly produce dry meats, including our exceptional kabanos sausages), in Sława (mainly classic cured meat products, including sausages) and in Bielsko-Biała (where we smoke aromatic hams).

Our plants are constantly modernized and expanded – we believe that only by focusing on the development and use of the latest technologies, can we meet not only the expectations of our business partners and consumers, but also our own ambition to create products of the highest quality.



Our cured meats are available beyond the domestic market.
Consumers on many foreign markets can taste our Polish sausages,
both the Tarczyński and the SnackIT brands.

We work with such chains as Sainsbury, Asda or Carrefour
– in Central and Eastern Europe and the Pan-European region.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions
– we will gladly discuss the details with you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tarczyński logistics

Investing in continuous development does not only mean keeping our production technology up-to-date. We know how important logistics facilities are for business. Thanks to our highly developed Logistics and Transport Department, we can be fully flexible and - depending on the needs of our contractors - deliver goods to selected locations or collaborate with our partners' suppliers.

Group's history

To better understand our passion and commitment, we present the twenty-eight year history of our extraordinary, family-owned company.

  1. Elżbieta i Jacek Tarczyńscy rozpoczynają działalność gospodarczą w Sułowie

  2. Nabycie Zakładu Przetwórstwa Mięsnego w Trzebnicy

  3. Utworzenie spółki Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsnego „Tarczyński” sp. z o.o.

  4. Przekształcenie w spółkę akcyjną

  5. Przejęcie Spółdzielni Dobrosława

  6. Rozpoczęcie budowy nowego zakładu w Ujeźdźcu Małym

  7. Rozpoczęcie produkcji w zakładzie w Ujeźdźcu Małym
    Przeniesienie siedziby Spółki do Ujeźdźca Małego

  8. Nabycie spółki Starpeck

  9. Połączenie ze spółkami Dobrosława oraz Starpeck

  10. Giełda Papierów Wartościowych

  11. Nowa hala produkcji w Ujeźdźcu

  12. Wprowadzenie na rynek innowacyjnego produktu pod marką Snaxy – kabanosa w bułce


6 kwietnia 2020