With the slogan Stronger In A Bunch, the Tarczyński Group is launching a new campaign promoting its products for youngsters. It involves a wide spectrum of digital actions, and the role of brand hero is shared by three animated characters – Mocu, Mega and Lool. The colourful characters represent the main areas for children’s activities – sport, learning and play.

The actions will be underpinned by a new website: www.gryzzale.pl. The platform will be divided into two separate zones for kids and for parents. The youngsters are certain to be fascinated by the games, quizzes and puzzles offered, while the parents will find expert advice, culinary inspirations and ideas for interesting ways of spending time with their children.

The portal will be complemented by a range of activities on the brand’s YouTube channel – regular publications of expert reports are planned for there, with guests including a child psychologist, a PE trainer and a dietician. Another standout feature of the campaign will be the animation, in which children will meet the characters of the Gryzzales and enter their nibbly world.

“Frankfurters and kabanos are some of the snacks most popular among youngsters. We have been observing this trend for some time now, so it is out of concern for the youngest consumers that we offer them products distinguished by simple ingredients, top quality meat without preservatives and, in the case of kabanos, low salt and fat contents. In the upcoming campaign we want to get actively involved in the process of raising nutritional awareness among parents and children,” says Tomasz Tarczyński, Marketing Director of Tarczyński S.A.

The campaign will also involve the brand’s long-awaited début on TikTok. The face of the new dance competition, with the hashtag #GryzzaleChallenge, is Filip Zabielski – one of the most popular Polish TikTok stars, who will encourage children to play and dance. Prizes in the competition will include a Playstation 4 console.

As part of the campaign, the Gryzzale line is also sponsoring the popular Sokołowska Runda run for children, at which the Tarczyński brand promotes a healthy and active lifestyle as part of its CSR activities. The run will be held on 6 September in Sokołów Podlaski.

Gryzzales are a Tarczyński line of products for children, which includes chicken and ham kabanos as well as chicken breast frankfurters. Gryzzales are available in modern packets which provide portions created specially for children, and also let them stay fresh for longer.