Get to know our products
For over 30 years, creating the best quality products has been a priority and a passion at our family business. We constantly strive for perfection. We do know the importance of innovation. We have our own laboratories, a team of technologists, a QC department and one of the most modern cold cuts processing plants in Europe.
Kabanos sausages
The best meat snacks in the world, according to many
Not only perfectly dried, but also delicious and convenient to bring around. The biggest fans of kabanos sausages can choose from a wide range of products, being sure that they are reaching for the best snack.
A nutritious portion of the highest quality meat.
Frankfurters are a regular feature on every Polish table. If you value quality, you will surely like our products made with the highest quality meat. No casings, no flavor enhancers. Always tasty and ready to eat.
Top-quality meat with NO preservatives.
The Tarczyński Naturalnie line is distinguished by a clean and simple composition and the best quality meat with no added preservatives. It was created for people who appreciate natural flavors and want to enjoy them at any time of the day – starting from tasty nutritious breakfasts finishing with evening snacks.
For children
Meaty snacks loved by children
Gryzzale are a real treat for the youngest meat lovers. Baby kabanos sausages and frankfurters specially made from top quality meat, with no added preservatives. They constitute an excellent source of energy from easily digestible protein. Always at hand, perfect at home, school and for sharing.
Naturally protein-rich snacks
The Protein line was created for people with an active lifestyle, looking for an extra portion of protein. Beef Jerky and Strips make for excellent protein snacks. They provide an extra energy boost whenever you run out of steam.
Meat Chips
An great alternative to salty snacks
Especially for you, we have prepared an excellent alternative to salty snacks. Meat Chips are a tasty and healthy delicacy of excellent quality (meat content as high as 326 g/100 g of product). They are very crunchy, nutritious, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.
One of a kind cold cuts of the highest quality
Prepared based on traditional recipes, with carefully selected top-quality meat. Perfectly seasoned with delightfully aromatic herbs and spices so you can make your every meal special.
Cold Cuts
Extremely aromatic, enchantingly flavorful
Cold meats made with selected top-quality meat, which thanks to the unique recipes and compositions of spices are a delicacy, that will spice up your every meal.
Rośl-Inne (Plant-ifferent)
ZERO meat
The world needs new sources of protein, which is why we have created the Rośl-Inne (Plant-ifferent) line high in protein and fiber with NO preservatives. Rośl-Inne (Plant-ifferent) is a perfect proposition for vegetarians, flexitarians, and above all for meat lovers looking for alternative sources of protein.