The world needs new sources of protein. Ever-changing trends mean that the number of people who decide to limit the amount of meat in their diet is constantly increasing. The Tarczyński S.A. knows it all too well and has decided to revolutionize the kabanos sausage market by introducing new, 100% plant-based products. The date of their introduction to the market is not at all accidental, because 1st October is the World Vegetarian Day. 

A new potential on the market

The continuously increasing number of consumers who are limiting or completely excluding meat from their diet is currently a very popular trend. Many of them, though, still appreciate the taste of meat products. And it is for them that Tarczyński has created the Rośl-Inne line. The leader on the kabanos market is offering snacks containing 100% natural, plant ingredients.

“The world is constantly changing and seeking new protein sources and flavours. Surveys show that 58% of meat consumers are planning to cut down on it. For us, this provides potential for even greater expansion, and motivates us to look for new solutions in line with  the current trends. This is why we have just decided to launch a new line of plant-based kabanos which will respond to that need, by offering the marvellous flavour of kabanos which we are known for, but without a single bite of meat,” says Tomasz Tarczyński, Marketing Director at Tarczyński.

Kabanos the way you like them, but veggie.

The new vegetarian kabanos are of excellent quality, based on GMO-free ingredients with no added preservatives. The smoking and drying process applied in their production makes the Rośl-Inne kabanos delicate and tender, and gives them the unique texture of meat. Natural seasonings give them their marvellous taste and aroma.

A source of protein and vitamins, without a single bite of meat

Rośl-Inne kabanos are also an excellent source of whole protein, healthy fatty acids and vitamin B12, iron and fibre. The protein contained in the products contributes to an increase in muscle mass and helps keep bones healthy. Vitamin B12 and iron are responsible for the proper production of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system, while fibre has positive effects on the digestive system.

Distinctive new packaging

The vegetarian kabanos will be sold in attractive packaging, with clear branding and a strongly highlighted green colour. Tarczyński want to use this tactic to help consumers find the veggie kabanos on shop shelves.