One of Poland’s most recognisable companies – Tarczyński S.A. – celebrates its birthday in February, when it turns 30. On 26 February 1991, production of cold cuts officially began, thus starting the journey towards creating a strong family business. After 30 years, the product portfolio of this modern and innovative Polish brand consists of high quality cold cuts, kabanos, frankfurters and protein snacks distributed to 30 countries on 3 continents.

The beginnings of Poland’s most popular kabanos brand

Exactly 30 years ago Elżbieta and Jacek Tarczyński, the founders of the brand, began to realise their dream of producing meat products bearing their name.

The history of our company began in 1991, when my wife convinced me to invest in a machine for processing meat. This led to the start of intensive production of our first products. As time went by, we built up a portfolio, and from that an entire business. Right from the very start we decided that quality, and not quantity, was what mattered, so we concentrated on kabanos, which was considered a luxury item in  the 1990s,relates Jacek Tarczyński, chairman of the company.

The Tarczyński brand quickly passed through subsequent stages of development. From the company shop (1991), via the Meat Processing Plant in Trzebnica (1996-2006),right up to the extensive and technologically advanced plant in Ujeźdiec Mały, which has been the company’s headquarters since 2007. Not only the founders of this family firm have been involved in its business, but also their two sons – Tomasz and Dawid Tarczyński.

Development strategy and international expansion

From the very beginning, Tarczyński has concentrated on premium snacks,which has enabled it to conquer the Polish market and become the most popular kabanos brand in Poland, with a 78%* share in that category. The brand is constantly seeking new market segments, by introducing innovative, full value products, thus realising its mission to inspire people to eat wisely, in order to change their lives for the better.

The past few years alone have seen many new products launched in the Tarczyński Naturalnie line, distinguished by their simple, natural ingredients, the Tarczyński Protein line for active people, and dried Meat Crisps. The latest novelty, and at the same time a sign of change in the approach to the market and the consumer was the Tarczyński Rośl-Inne line – plant-based products “without a single bite of meat”.

The company’s current strategic target is to expand abroad and achieve the position of world leader in protein snacks. The company already has its own laboratory, an extensive quality department and one of Europe’s most modern machine parks.

*Tarczyński acc. to Nielsen – Retail Sales Panel, All Poland incl. Discount retail (Food), Sales by value, packaged kabanos segment excluding retail chain own brands, cumulative period: January-December 2020.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tarczyński has for years been involved in many community and ecological actions, knowing how far our lives are influenced by sustainable development and environmental responsibility. In 2020, these actions were included in the integrated corporate social responsibility strategy, bound closely with the idea behind the brand: Eat better, live better”.