Mr Tadeusz Trziszka

Mr Tadeusz Trziszka – Member of the Supervisory Board

Professional experience:

A graduate of the Agricultural Technical School in Bożków (1967), after which he studied at the Faculty of Animal Production at the University of Agriculture in Wrocław. He obtained the title of doctor of agricultural sciences in 1977 at the Faculty of Food Technology at the University of Agriculture in Wrocław based on dissertation entitled “Changes in the structure of the vitelline membrane of chicken eggs from different periods of refrigerated storage”. He obtained the title of habilitated doctor in Poznań based on dissertation entitled “Physicochemical and technological characteristics of egg white foams”. On the 28th of November 1994 he obtained the title of Professor of agricultural sciences.

He specializes in matters in the field of poultry and eggs technology, including design and process technologies in the egg industry.